The Database
of Tomorrow

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A globally scalable SQL database to handle any transactional or analytical workload.

The problem

The Trouble With Today's Databases

Unidirectional Data Flow

Production services utilizing traditional OLTP databases cannot use the results generated in an analytics pipeline without additional infrastructure.

Limited Scalability

Many database systems are limited in their ability to scale across geographic regions without making significant tradeoffs either in latency or consistency guarantees.

Operational Complexity

Setting up and maintaining multiple database systems and ETL pipelines is hard. It gets even harder when organizations and services start to scale.

The solution

Where GlareDB Fits In

GlareDB consolidates transactional and analytical workloads into one system, without limiting the scaling capabilities of connected services.


What Makes GlareDB Special?

postgres compatible

Embracing the Ecosystem

The key to adoption is not by throwing everything away, but by embracing existing database tooling. GlareDB implements the Postgres wire protocol and SQL dialect, allowing the use of existing connectors and libraries.

Execute exploratory queries with Metabase
Connect using Hasura to enable GraphQL queries
Manage and execute SQL transformations using dbt

Want to Help Build the Future of Databases?

GlareDB is on a mission to simplify existing data infrastructure by developing a globally scalable database to tackle any OLTP or OLAP workload. Join us in making this a reality.

We are currently looking for people passionate about database internals, including query optimization and storage engines. If you dream about transaction management, we would love to hear from you.

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