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Query and analyze your data, wherever it lives.

GlareDB is a cloud platform that provides a unified SQL layer across all of your data. Query and analyze your data without ever moving it.

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Data Access with GlareDB

GlareDB unites all of your data with a single interface. Use the power of SQL to combine, query and analyze all of your data.

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Use any Postgres-compatible client or library to connect to GlareDB, and write queries using standard SQL.

GlareDB Platform

GlareDB plans and executes queries against data sources, transforming and filtering data as needed.

Data Sources

Bring all of your data together by connecting relational databases, warehouses, object stores, and more to GlareDB.

Get Data Insights Faster

GlareDB allows data consumers to operate across data silos without requiring ETL pipelines.

Unified data access and querying

Simplify data access for analytics and get a complete view of your data across many disparate data sources. GlareDB hooks into many popular relational databases, object storage systems, and more to make accessing and analyzing data easy.

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The full power of SQL on any data source

Analyze distributed data with the full power of SQL - no matter where it lives. Execute complex queries across any number of data sources to extract actionable insights.

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1SELECT segment.user_id,
2       segment.event,
3       prod.plan_size
4FROM segment INNER JOIN prod
5     ON segment.user_id = prod.id
6WHERE prod.email LIKE '%@glaredb.com';

Supercharge your existing data stack

GlareDB wraps a powerful query execution engine in a familiar SQL interface with Postgres compatibility. Hook into your existing data pipelines and use any Postgres-compatible tooling for BI reporting or visualizations.

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$ psql proxy.alpha.glaredb.com:6543/db1
db1=> select 'Use the tools you know and love!';

Optimized for analytics

Fast query execution is the key to unlocking the full potential of your data. GlareDB is optimized for running large-scale analytical queries to get the answers you need quickly.

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SELECT AVG(exec_time_ms)
    AS avg_exec_ms
FROM events.query_executions
WHERE source_type = 's3'
AND e.num_rows > 100000;
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