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June 2, 2023

GlareDB Goes Open Source

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Sean Smith, Founder
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We're thrilled to announce that GlareDB is now open source! Check out the repository on GitHub.

GlareDB is a database system that makes it easy to query distributed data without going through the pain of setting up ETL pipelines. Check out our Introducing GlareDB blog post to learn more about the "why" behind what we're building.

Run locally or in the cloud

To get started with GlareDB, download the binary for your platform on our releases page in the repository.

Need to run adhoc queries on a local Parquet file? Run GlareDB using the glaredb local subcommand. This will drop you into a shell for running SQL commands.

Need to power multiple dashboards using data from a variety of data sources? Run GlareDB in server mode using the glaredb server subcommand. This will spin up a deployment allowing any number of Postgres compatible clients to connect. Use your favorite client for exploratory analysis, then hook up Mode or Tableau for when you want to present the data.

Don't want to manage a GlareDB deployment? Head on over to console.glaredb.com to spin up a fully-managed deployment at the click of a button. We offer both a free serverless tier and a paid dedicated tier.

What's next?

We're excited to continue to make it easier and faster to query distributed data. We're focused on the user experience, and are experimenting with powerful, intuitive SQL extensions for querying external data. We're also looking at extending the number of supported data sources.

Contributions are welcome! If there's a feature or data source you would like to see, open an issue in the repository.

Get started now

Ready to get the most out of your data? Get started with GlareDB locally, or spin up a deployment on GlareDB Cloud!

$curl https://glaredb.com/install.sh | sh
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